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   Asiatic Lions, Black Bucks & Wild Ass Tour
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Ex-Ahmedabad | Ex- Bhavnagar | Ex-Diu | Ex-Rajkot
Duration: 7 nights / 8 days
Price Rs. 35,000/-
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Your Asiatic Lions, Black Bucks & Wild Ass Tour starts as soon as you arrive replica watches at the Ahmedabad railways station or airport. Where our team will welcome longines replica you and escort you to your hotel The Black Buck Lodge, located in the picturesque Velavadar forest. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch and iwc replica after resting for a while proceed for the wildlife safari at the Velavadar National Park.
Spread over 35 sq. kms. of savannah, Velavadar National Park is a tranquil natural reserve nestled amidst two rivers. Located only a few miles away from the Gulf of Cambay, this sanctuary is home to the largest concentration of Black Bucks in the world. And as legend has it, these handsome antelopes were protected for occasional hunting trips during the era of the Maharajas of Bhavnagar.
Wildlife enthusiasts breitling replica can find a number of other endangered species like the Indian Wolf, Fox, Jackal, Jungle Cat, Hyena and the Wild Boar. For eager bird lovers, Velavadar is home to a wide variety of rare birds like the Houbara Bustard, Lesser Florican, Common Crane, Sarus White Stork and White Pelican. The Harrier Roost found here are also said to be the largest of its kind. Another must see at this reserve is the migratory Lesser Florican, a long necked bird that come here in large flocks to breed in the grasslands. Watch closely as the male bird marks his territory to attract the female. And if he is successful and you are lucky enough, you might just witness the courtship display of the two. A spectacular vertical leap of over 2 metres, that too over 500 times in a day!

Velavadar - Palitana (95km approx 1½ hr drive)
On Day 2, embark on a divine journey at the Palitana temples, located atop Shatrunjaya Hills and crowned with 863 temples, each as majestic and magnificent as the others. Regarded as one of the most awe inspiring sights to both devotees and tourists, the peak boasts of a 3 km climb with over 3500 steps, with each temple exhibiting grandeur through intricate carvings, ancient idols and images, jeweled statues and detailed torans. Carry excess water in reserve, as reaching the top takes nothing less than 2 hours. After completing the trek, you can drive back to the hotel in the evening.
  Day 3 of Tour

Day 4 of Tour
Velavadar National Park - Gir National Park (95 km / 1½ hr drive)
Day three begins with an early morning drive to Gir National Park-the last abode of the Asiatic Lions. Gir is the only place in the world, other than Africa, where you can see the King of the animal kingdom in its pristine habitat. Due to its high density of lions, Gir has become the ideal place to spot the lions in the wilderness. This reserve also shelters the largest Leopard population in India, making it an excellent place to witness big cats of a varied kind.
At the park, you can also spot various endangered species like the Jungle Cat, Desert Cat, Rusty Spotted Cat, Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Sambar, Black Buck, Four-Horned Antelope, Wild Boar, Indian Flying Fox, Indian Pangolin and Indian Porcupine.
For avid bird watchers, Gir offers over 250 varieties of birds like the Painted Sandgrouse, Peacocks, Paradise Flycatcher, Black-Headed Cuckoo Shrike, Pied Woodpecker and Bonelli's Eagle. And not just that, this forest reserve is also characterised by an arid rugged terrain with low hills and mixed vegetation blanketed by beautiful stands of teak, acacia and dhak trees interspersed with grassy plains.
And if you have a thing for huge reptiles, then there’s the Kamleshwar Dam reservoir. Situated in the heart of this park, this tourist attraction shelters one of the largest marsh crocodile populations in the world. The best time to catch these natural wonders is either early morning or late in the evening. And early to rise, early to spot, is what we believe in. Which is why, your pattern of your stay will be to travel into the Park for the morning safari at first light and return at noon. Enjoy lunch and siesta at the camp and leave for the evening safari at 4:00 P.M. Even during your stay at the hotel, we arrange bird sighting activities and other local excursions for those interested.
And if all this still doesn’t satiate your hunger, Gir also offers a great opportunity to interact with the local tribes. Its main tribe is a nomadic pastoral community called Maldhari. The tribe lives in scattered settlements called 'nesses' and don’t be surprised if you see many head of livestock in the park. Gir is also home to the colourful Negroid community known as Siddis, who are African in origin but speak Gujarati. Enjoy an evening watching the cultural fests and programs of this tribe, called the Siddi Dhamaal Dance performed by the Negroid Siddhi community, originally from Africa, with their roots dating back to the 15 or 16 century.
  Day 5 of Tour

Day 6 of Tour
Gir National Park - Little Rann of Kutch Wild Ass Sanctuary (95 km / 1½ hr drive)
On day 5, we leave for an early morning sighting for Little Rann of Kutch-the only sanctuary for the Asiatic Wild Ass in India. The Wild Ass is an elegant chestnut brown member of Horse family, or the Equus Genus. Often seen in small herds, these mammals are capable of galloping at record-breaking speeds. So the next time you see them passing by, try not to blink!
The elegant blackbuck, blue bull (India's largest antelope) and the graceful chinkara (Indian gazelle) are other mammals seen at the bets. The main carnivores of the Little Rann of Kutch are the endangered Indian wolf, Desert Fox, Indian fox, Jackals, Desert and Jungle Cats, and a few Hyenas. Smaller mammals like hares, Gerbilles and Hedgehogs are also a common sight. The reptiles found in this habitat include the Spiny Tailed Lizard, Monitor, Red and the Common Sand Boa, the Saw-Scaled Viper, Cobra, Dhaman (Indian Rat Snake).
The Little Rann of Kutch, also a paradise for bird watchers, has been declared as Ramsar Site. Birds like Steppe, Imperial, the Short-toed Eagle, Houbara Bustard, Flamingos, Pelicans, Storks and Cranes are commoners here. The best birding season is from October to March, when waterfowls gather in vast numbers. These are also the months when the Demoiselle, the Common Crane and the Lesser Flamingos migrate in incredibly large numbers.
  Day 7 of Tour Little Rann of Kutch Wild Ass Sanctuary - Ahmedabad
In the morning depart for Ahmedabad for your onward journey.
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Asiatic Wild Ass
Montagu's Harrier
Black Bucks
Black Necked Stork
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